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In 2012 I started working as a Physiotherapy in rehabilitation facilities and clinics..

Paola Paonessa

DATE OF BIRTH: 3rd August, 1985




In these 10 years of experience, I have learnt that there are two key factors that make a rehabilitation a success:

  • 1) Rapport and empathy with the patient. Before starting a rehabilitation program, it is necessary to have all the essential information, not only from the point of view strictly connected to the diagnosis, the pain or a recent trauma, but also linked to the patient’s context and experience, understanding and sharing what the patient’s expectations, motivations and environmental factors are
  • 2) • Education It is essential to always be up to date, going to courses and having the curiosity and the desire to learn, to always question and get involved.

The second point, led me towards opening my own practice: FisioBike.

I discovered how easy it is to go around by bike, not only to move quickly in the city or to go and do home visits around the city, but also to explore the world. In some of my first long rides, I had constant knee pain and it led me to find a way to resolve it, until discovering that there is a specific science that answers these problems, the biomechanics for cyclists.

In 2020, I attended a Masterclass in biomechanics in cycling at BikeItalia and I found my own way of thinking and working while doing this course. In other words: establish a good rapport with the patient, collect all necessary information, determine a clinical reasoning, evaluate, resolve the problem, and reevaluate.

FisioBike. can unite the passion for the world of bikes with Physiotherapy.

In fact, in my studio, I practice Global Postural Re-education , TLymphatic edema Treatments, RFunctional Re-education post- trauma or injury.

In my work I follow the principles of TOrthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapy for treatments in neuromuscular-skeletal diagnosis, based on clinical reasoning, guided by efficient clinical and scientific cases and the biopsicosocial structure of every patient.

Knowledge and use of the following methods

Manual Therapy
Traditional Massage
Pomage techniques and fascia relaxation
Neuromuscular taping
Manual Lymph Drainage using Vodder and Leduc tenchiques
Global Postural Re-education (GPR).