Bike Fite

Improve your posture on the bike - BIKEFIT

A BikeFit will improve a cyclist's posture on their bike and increase their understanding of movement while cycling. This will help to prevent new injuries or chronic pain while facilitating the recovery from existing ones and will also improve performance.
Adjustments are made in three key points:
  1. cleats position: overall correct position, forward or rotational adjustments
  2. saddle position: height, tilt, forward/backward adjustment
  3. handlebars position: type, height, distance from the saddle, angle of brake levers
A BikeFit is for amateur and professional cyclists who when cycling experience pain or discomfort caused by incorrect posture, injury or the incorrect positioning of bike elements. It is also suitable for riders wishing to improve their bike's efficiency and their performance.
As well as road bike users, a BikeFit may also benefit mountain bikers, triathlon athletes and cycle tourists.
  1. A questionnaire is sent to the patient when the appointment is confirmed;
  2. Followed by postural evaluation, muscle test and flexibility analysis;
  3. Markers are placed on the cyclist and a video is taken of the position on the bike;
  4. Video analysis;
  5. Saddle pressure analysis;
  6. Analysis using the movement sensors;
  7. Adjustments made on the bike;
  8. Evaluation of the new position through a new video analysis;
  9. final free pedalling test (10-15 minutes);
At the end of the BikeFit, a detailed report of the assessment is sent to the patient. During the rides post-BikeFit, the patient will send regular feedback via messages. The feedback is important to help the cyclist through the adaption phase of the BikeFit. At the end of this period (about a month) a free visit will be guaranteed to evaluate any changes.
The appointment lasts approximately 2 hours and costs 250 euros (taxpayers in Italy have 19% invoice reduction on their annual tax return).

Since 2021, FisioBike has been collaborating with Bikeitalialab
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